Release 0.24.0 - Big update!

This time around, I did some player testing and incorporated the feedback I got from that.

This most noticeable changes are:

  • Score on every map
  • Show the reasons for the score changes
  • Power-ups have cool-downs, and you're now starting with some power-ups on most maps
  • Bombardment explosions now leave decals

Besides that, I refined the touch mode:

  • Holding a finger down on a button now shows its tool-tip
  • Fixed it not working correctly with edge-pan enabled
  • Can now mark spawn-circles using the lasso gesture

And horde mode got some changes:

  • Start with default power-ups
  • Power-up collection increases score

The tutorial campaigns also got some love:

  • Music does not stop after one map (oops!)
  • Map 4 can no (hopefully) no longer be won my just moving all units at the spawn-circle directly
  • The objective marker is now more noticeable

That's not all - but the rest are minor bug fixes that I'm not going to list here. Ask me on the discord if you want to know more!


Abstractanks (Windows) 51 MB
Version 0.34.0 Jul 20, 2018
Abstractanks (Linux) 58 MB
Version 0.34.0 Jul 20, 2018
Abstractanks (Mac OS X) 53 MB
Version 0.34.0 Jul 20, 2018

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