The Level-Update

I am using an innovate/refine cycle for evolving this game, and this update is definitely on the innovation side, rivaling this summer's split-screen update in scope.

  1. Added Level-Ups. These are based on score and allow access to 21 tiered Talents that enhance or modify power-ups and team properties. It is currently enabled in skirmish and horde matches. Watch out for the level-up message!
  2. Added Trees and Forests. Initially owned by no-one, they can be captured by teams and will significantly slow down any enemies trying to approach through them.
  3. Added spawn-circle based unit caps. Spawn circles can now have a local unit cap. When this cap is reached, the spawn circle will stop producing units and instead..
  4. ...produce Funds. These can be used to buy power-ups. Spawn-circles can also be toggled to produce funds when their cap is not reached using the "stop" order.
  5. Horde mode now has a larger, more interesting map and much improved enemy scaling providing a better challenge.
  6. Increased player-limit again, now up to 16 players. Added new map "The Grid" that supports this and also has trees and unit caps on the spawn-circles.
  7. Several performance improvements.

The refinement step after this will probably focus on tuning the talents and the economy system. They are rough first versions now, so stay tuned for the more balanced variants.


Abstractanks (Windows) 78 MB
Version 0.42.0 Dec 07, 2019
Abstractanks (Linux) 85 MB
Version 0.42.0 Dec 07, 2019
Abstractanks (Mac OS X) 81 MB
Version 0.42.0 Dec 07, 2019

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