Version 0.41.0 - A long list

I finally released a new update yesterday that marks a nice personal milestone for me: the resolution of my internal issue list and of all the TODOs and FIXMEs in the code. If you are a developer of some sort yourself, you will know that this is a pretty big deal, as these things usually just pile up.

Now this does not mean that abstractanks is done, for from it. It means I will now go back to the drawing board and make a plan how to get to version 1.0 - form my vague ideas into a cohesive whole, so to say.

Anyways, here's what happened up to this version:

  1. Fixed jerky animation in slow-motion during bombardments.
  2. All network requests are now asynchronous which should make the UI smoother.
  3. Omit repeated  and unneeded map meshing when spawn-circles are captured.
  4. Completely rewrote the scripted AI that is used in the training missions.
    This now allows more more sophisticated scenario design.
  5. Ported the horde-mode AI to the new scripted AI base system.
    This enabled me to implement more advanced behaviours:
    e.g. groups will now try to coordinate attacks on spawn-circles.
  6. Fixed gamepad plug & play not working on linux.
  7. Slightly improved map geometry meshing.
  8. Added a new "type-writer" effect for in-mission dialog.
  9. Started adding dialog and much more interesting AI behavior to the training missions.
  10. Added tip-of-the-day for horde mode.
  11. Towers no longer shot when no friendly units are on the attached control circle.
  12. Rescaled contest times for control-circles.
    Capturing with more units will now have a much bigger impact.
  13. Allow to control more lighting color and ambient brightness from the editor.
  14. Incorporated capture & hold progress bars into the score screen.
  15. Added local leader-board for horde that gets used when online-access is disabled.

And many more code-only improvements. For example, I have moved most of my dependency management to the conan package manager, which allows me to iterate much faster and also update dependencies much easier, if they become available.

Do not expect the next update soon, unless a critical bug comes up. It's going to take a while.


Abstractanks (Windows) 78 MB
Version 0.41.0 Sep 07, 2019
Abstractanks (Linux) 85 MB
Version 0.41.0 Sep 07, 2019
Abstractanks (Mac OS X) 81 MB
Version 0.41.0 Sep 07, 2019

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