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Action-packed real-time strategy - reduced to its core elements

Play intense skirmishes with up to sixteen teams, where map-control, positioning, decision-making, speed and a little bit of luck is rewarded.

Join the official Discord channel at https://discord.gg/JpekPzW

The only unit type can be switched between two different modes while already deployed. Damage mode forms the backbone of each army, supported by utility mode which slows enemies and heals allies.

Randomly spawned power-ups can be collected to unleash devastating effects and turn the tide of battle.

  • Control huge swarms with hundreds of units to conquer the enemy spawn circles and overwhelm your opponents.
  • Conquer your friends spawn-points in team or solo-matches with up to four players over LAN or the internet.
  • Destroy your opponents in Free For All. Dominate the map in Capture and Hold. Hold of the endless Horde.
  • Defend against the endless onslaught in Horde mode.
  • Design your own maps with the map editor.

Features (Version 1.0.10)

  • 14 maps for multiplayer and bot games.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer with up to 16 players.
  • Local multiplayer with 2 players (Requires a gamepad).
  • Handcrafted campaign with 20 short missions, each with 3 tougher optional challenges.
  • Switch units between damage and utility mode on-the-fly.
  • 6 power-up types.
  • Flexible input modes: mouse & keyboard, gamepads, touch and steam-controller.
  • Face-off against thousands of units in the endless horde/survival mode with online high-score list and coop support on procedurally generated maps.
  • Official map editor.
  • Handmade: Built from the ground-up in C++ using only basic libraries.


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Abstractanks (Windows) 78 MB
Version 1.1.1
Abstractanks (Linux) 83 MB
Version 1.1.1
Abstractanks (Mac OS X) 79 MB
Version 1.1.1

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This game looks really interesting. I'd buy it when/if I get the money.

I'd also recommend putting it on steam, I reckon it'd to pretty well there. Good luck for the future!



Thank you for the kind words! It is already on steam since v1.0

Cool! Could I have a link please?


I put it in the dedicated spot that itch has for steam links (More information -> Links), but I guess that's a little hidden. itch.io probably does not want to advertise other shops too much, hehe. Either way, here you go: Steam

Cool! I've bought the game and plan to write a review very soon!



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This is a really great game - and I have only played the campaign mode so far. Looking forward to trying out the online mode and horde modes! Very nice work to the developer and very worth the small cost to me.

I've been playing it on Linux and it has a very smooth - almost native feeling.


Thank you! I sometimes develop in linux, so it is quite native.

(Lenguage Portuguese Brazil)JOGO INCRIVEL muito bom mesmo

percebi semelhanças ao jogo sc2 amo muito os 2 jogos

Thank you for the kind words!

Great game, as a Starcraft 2 fan I really enjoy this game.
Bug report : it seems tutorial mission 10 has a problem. I can't apply powerups, the buttons don't show up and shortcuts are ineffective.

Thank you! SC2 was also a huge inspiration for me and a major leap in RTS history. Thanks for the bug report, I noted it down and will fix it for the next release.


Nice FX

Thank you!

Hello! Awesome game, do you have an interest in publishing to steam? I work for a publisher (https://sedoc.net/) and we'd love to talk if you're interested. Feel free to reach out: info@sedoc.net

Any chance we can get a larger number of max players in a multiplayer match? The description currently says 8.

How many would you want? Basically, I can just bump that number up. I'd have to make sure that I got enough color palettes and starting points and the server would need enough bandwidth.

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Thanks for your response! We have 16 people in the office and I would like everyone to be able to participate.

This will be in a LAN environment, so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.

Alright, I'll look into it - but no promises yet!

First 16 player test game (All bots tho). This is insane.

Ok, done! I'd be great if you could make&shared a video of that if you people are having fun :-) And tell me how you like the new map.



Have you a discord ? It could be fun for meet other players.


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Hey there - thanks for the interest! Yea, I got discord, but I'm not really well-versed in it yet. Do you want to set up a channel or something there?

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https://discord.gg/PtGqnEC ?

Can you come on discord ?

I have bug and i want to speak it with you

Yea sure. I tried joining on sunday after I returned from Global Game Jam, but it said the link was expired. Now it works again - strange!