Touchy touchy!

This new release enables touch controls, meant to be used with convertible laptops that double as a tablet. The controls are still experimental, but quite usable in my opinion. Here's a small breakdown:

  • Circle around units & control circles to select them.
  • Tap to move selected units and click abilities & menu buttons.
  • Three-finger touch to select the group under them based on proximity.
  • Swipe with two fingers to pan the view.
  • Enable this in the options menu! You need to do this before starting a match.

Besides that, most of the work involved tackling more technical issues that had been piling up for a while. Hence the improvements are mostly "under the hood", but a few are quite cool from a player perspective as well:

  • The windows version now uses SDL too.
  • Players can select a color to play. Previously, the first player was red, the second was blue and so on.
  • Starting positions in FFA and Capture&Hold are now randomized.
  • Can select "through units", i.e. when an extra select-command would select the same group that was already selected, circles under the current selection are selected next. This helps to select spawn circles when units are on top of it.
  • Spawn circle selection is now hinted at while hovering over it.
  • Reduced graphics bandwidth requirements for rendering by roughly 50%, i.e. the g-buffer has only half the size now.

I'd love to hear feedback, especially on the touch controls!


Abstractanks (Windows) 53 MB
Version 0.32.0 Jun 29, 2018
Abstractanks (Linux) 60 MB
Version 0.32.0 Jun 29, 2018
Abstractanks (Mac OS X) 54 MB
Version 0.32.0 Jun 29, 2018

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