Quite the changelist..

So this took a bit longer. Was not able to get out a release last week, since I was away on a music festival. But here it is. The changes are:

  • Using power-ups shows up as an additional visual marker. You can now see where the enemy applied a berserk or phase power-up.
  • Fixed not being able to select some of the maps in quick match or host game. The buttons were "hidden" behind the scrollview.
  • Fixed a potential crash when authentication with itch failed
  • Added proximity-based selection - selecting a single unit instead of using a selection rectangle will now select all nearby units
  • The online-services are now opt-in and use https for data privacy
  • The options menu is now accessible from within the game
  • Fixed the game not starting when keys were double-bound. This could happen when I added a new function that was already mapped by the user. The game will reset the config in this case.
  • Fixed spawn-boost sound playing whenever you clicked the button, regardless of whether the server applied the power-up.


Abstractanks (Windows) 53 MB
Version 0.29.0 May 22, 2018
Abstractanks (Linux) 60 MB
Version 0.29.0 May 22, 2018
Abstractanks (Mac OS X) 54 MB
Version 0.29.0 May 22, 2018

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