More oomph!

So I did a bit more game feel optimization this week. I started redoing the sounds. I added some placeholders for some things that did not have a sound at all - but should have one! I will get rid of the placeholders soon enough and add more sounds after that.

Besides that, I also redid the laser rendering, both for the tower and the bombardments. I am a lot happier with them now.

One of the biggest - and long overdue - changes this patch is a complete overhaul of the mode-switching UI. The game has a mechanic where you can switch unit to other modes like defense or disrupt. But sometimes you do not want to switch all selected units.  That was already possible before, but the feature was so hidden that no-one found it. Now it's a lot more prominent and shows up as a wheel UI in the center of the screen as soon as you hold down one of the mode change buttons (1 to 3 by default). A lot of iteration went into this - but let me know if you're happy with it.

But that's not all: I also worked on the balancing for the horde mode. Most changes are supposed to give an active player a slight edge to the previous version:

  • After Wave 6, three power-ups are spawned instead of just two. And they can be anything, while before one was always "Units"
  • The spawn-circles without tower now produce twice the units making it a lot more worthwhile to capture them
  • Power-up selection now uses a PRNG, which means that you will not get the same power-up twice in a row and there will not be long stretches without one specific power-up.

Oh, and I made the horde have a color!


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Version 0.28.0 May 06, 2018
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Version 0.28.0 May 06, 2018
Abstractanks (Mac OS X) 54 MB
Version 0.28.0 May 06, 2018

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