No release this week

Hello everyone.

There's no release coming this week. I did fix at least one bug (upgrade state not being transmitted over network) and improve the UI a little, but the big thing I was hoping to do next is bundle the editor.

Especially Linux is giving me a hard time on that front. The editor is built upon wxWidgets, and that's very hard to get right with the itch recommendation of portability, because it has a ton of dependencies and options. Most distributions even deliver it in different flavors. For now, I'm planning on not bundling it, and instead requiring it to be installed on the users system. That's a little less comfortable for the user, but I expect people that want to use the editor can install another library on the system.

Even then, the editor does not work on Linux yet. Once you actually get it built, it works fine on Windows and Mac, but the wxWidgets Linux port apparently has an additional requirement that the other two do not have: You can only use OpenGL on an window that has been shown - while it works right after creation on windows and mac. The editor currently makes heavy use of that, and I need to rearrange a few things before I can release it.

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