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Great game, as a Starcraft 2 fan I really enjoy this game.
Bug report : it seems tutorial mission 10 has a problem. I can't apply powerups, the buttons don't show up and shortcuts are ineffective.

Thank you! SC2 was also a huge inspiration for me and a major leap in RTS history. Thanks for the bug report, I noted it down and will fix it for the next release.

Nice FX

Thank you!

Hello! Awesome game, do you have an interest in publishing to steam? I work for a publisher ( and we'd love to talk if you're interested. Feel free to reach out:

Any chance we can get a larger number of max players in a multiplayer match? The description currently says 8.

How many would you want? Basically, I can just bump that number up. I'd have to make sure that I got enough color palettes and starting points and the server would need enough bandwidth.

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Thanks for your response! We have 16 people in the office and I would like everyone to be able to participate.

This will be in a LAN environment, so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.

Alright, I'll look into it - but no promises yet!

First 16 player test game (All bots tho). This is insane.

Ok, done! I'd be great if you could make&shared a video of that if you people are having fun :-) And tell me how you like the new map.



Have you a discord ? It could be fun for meet other players.


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Hey there - thanks for the interest! Yea, I got discord, but I'm not really well-versed in it yet. Do you want to set up a channel or something there?

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Can you come on discord ?

I have bug and i want to speak it with you

Yea sure. I tried joining on sunday after I returned from Global Game Jam, but it said the link was expired. Now it works again - strange!