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Arcade real-time strategy with an abstract theme · By ltjax


Recent updates

Small bugfix update
Just a small bugfix update this time. It mainly fixes some rendering issues with decals, e.g. from explosions and power-ups. The game now also explicitly asks w...
3 files — 0.34.1
Release 0.24.0 - Big update!
This time around, I did some player testing and incorporated the feedback I got from that. This most noticeable changes are: Score on every map Show the reasons...
3 files — 0.34.0
In-game Leaderboards
So, new version again! Finally added the in-game leaderboards for the horde mode. Those were active before, but only visible on Now you can vi...
3 files — 0.33.0
Touchy touchy!
This new release enables touch controls , meant to be used with convertible laptops that double as a tablet. The controls are still experimental, but quite usab...
3 files — 0.32.0
More tutorials!
Just added two more tutorials. While they are all not finalized yet, I think they show all of the core game mechanics now, at least if played as I intended. If...
3 files — 0.31.0
So, this took a while, but it's also a rather big update. I finally added some tutorials. Each tutorial map is centered around one or two core mechanics and pre...
3 files — 0.30.0
Quite the changelist..
So this took a bit longer. Was not able to get out a release last week, since I was away on a music festival. But here it is. The changes are: Using power-ups s...
3 files — 0.29.0
More oomph!
So I did a bit more game feel optimization this week. I started redoing the sounds. I added some placeholders for some things that did not have a sound at all -...
3 files — 0.28.0

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